Just seeing this scene like this, having not seen the movie in two weeks now… It’s just… Wow, it just gives me a ridiculous amount of feelings, and I don’t think I will express them properly. But Steve cares, and finally sees, and just like earlier in the movie, when Tony asks Steve to be their captain and take the decisions, this is the - much more dramatic - realisation from Steve that Tony is so much more than the man in the suit of armor, it’s Tony’s heart, right there. It’s also, probably, the start of a stronger relationship based on trust and faith.

You ship or you don’t, it’s not the point, but the story of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, is so SO important, and relevant to whatever will come next. I know people who have just seen the movie can not understand what it means and are even aggressive about it, and I know that the highlight was on Tony and Bruce becoming best buddies (which is brilliant too) but there is something IMPORTANT and deeper between Tony and Steve, something that couldn’t happen in one movie, and it starts there, and will hopefully blossom in the next Marvel ventures.